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        How is everyone doing? Here is a BEST OF 2020 slideshow from our recent punta cana weddings.

        Tourism is slowly starting again here in Punta Cana. Unfortunately, we are still not able to capture happiness and beauty through our photographs and we miss it so much . I am seriously feeling this creative urge inside.

        Therefore I took the time to go through all our recent work and memories. And it felt so good that I put this Best of slideshow together.

        The thing I wanted to say about this is that 80 % of the couples you will see in there told me before that they were camera shy or not photogenic.

        Well, this is my promise to you. I will find that special something that makes you shine either as an individual or as a couple. I will work with you and help you to show the connection you have and your love. I promise you to find the real you and show you how beautiful you are. This is my gift and I want to share it with you.

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