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        We are so exited to share this post with you. It was our third Punta Cana underwater and beach trash the dress shoot in a row, we were exhausted but still can’t believe how those images came out. Mara and Francis came to the Dominican republic for Linette and Garibaldi’s wedding ( our first underwater of the 3 and will post soon). The two couples are very close friends of Shantall and Joan who did an underwater shoot with us last year and with whom we had a very special connection. Well the same happened with them. Everything came together that day, wonderful weather, the water at Ojos Indigenas was clearer than never, we had the best sunset light for the beach shots and we had an amazing time.

        Francis and Mara met in high school. They went out for a couple of months but unfortunately they parted ways. They maintained a friendship and with time they just couldn’t keep away from each other. “It was as though it was God’s plan for us to be together. After 6 years of courtship he proposed to me at an event in our church where I was asked to participate in a makeover. As nervous as I was to reveal my new makeover I had no idea Francis was planning to propose. In front of a group of about 250 women he asked for my hand in marriage. Of course, I said yes!!

        They got married in New York last year and wanted to do something special for their photos.

        We were amazed when we saw the photos our friends Shantall and Joan took with Photo Souvenir. We had no plans to go to Dominican Republic but when the opportunity arose we could not pass up the chance to take our photos with Photo Souvenir while there.Our experience working with the  team was memorable. We had such a great experience and are so happy that we had the opportunity to work with them. They are very professional and helped put us at ease with any of our concerns during our underwater shoot. Watching how they work in such unique circumstances was incredible. We do not regret any moment of it. The pictures look amazing and we couldn’t be any happier with them. Thanks for being so wonderful ?

        A big hug from Punta Cana. I remember that it was hard to say goodbye and that we had the feeling of having known you forever. Hope to see again sometime.

        Severine, Renaud and Rodrigo

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