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        Kelsey and David…where to start with this Kukua Punta Cana wedding?  Renaud and I decided to do our first giveaway last year and it was so hard to choose only one lucky couple. Kelsey and David contacted us before we start the contest . For some reason we were always coming back to their love story and we felt a strong connection with this amazing couple before we even met ( they are both travelers and outdoor people like us).

        Our intuition was right and still today we feel that they really deserved to win. We know now that they are lucky people because of their positiveness and their generosity. They are the most kind hearted, fun and easygoing people. Their wedding was  perfect even if it was kind of a crazy day. We had sun ( a lot), storm, rain, rainbow, laughs, tears all in one day. We met a second time for Urban and Beach Trash the dress and had such a good time. It felt like we’ve known each other forever.

        Kelsey and Dave both are from Vancouver and both work as Respiratory Therapists . They met at work and quickly fell in love. Just under a year into their fairytale love Kelsey’s Father suddenly fell very ill and a few short months later he passed on.” Dave was my guiding light through all of it. He sat with me while I cried endlessly – he held my hand and rubbed my back and wiped countless tears. He was even a rock for my sisters’ families – helping to look after their children when we had important matters to attend to and showing them, and my Mom, love and support too. My love for him only grew deeper.” 

        Fast forward a year and with Dave’s continued love and support they decided to take a small trip back to Kelsey parents’ house near the lake for several special dates that happened to coincide on the same weekend – the anniversary of her Father’s passing, Father’s Day, and Dave and her second anniversary.

        On Father’s Day 2015, under the willow tree in her parents’ yard where he had asked her Father’s permission for her hand in marriage one year before, Dave got down on one knee amidst dozens of roses, lilies and candles and asked Kelsey to marry him. “I have never felt luckier or more blessed in my entire life.”

        Kelsey and Dave we are so blessed to have been part of your special day and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

        Severine and Renaud

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