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        How many times have we said to our couples “your wedding was perfect”and the fact is that we always mean it. But this Now Larimar wedding….this one was beyond perfection..like when all the stars align and you can’t believe the way everything flows. We met Ellie and Alex or their pre -wedding Urban and Beach Trash the Dress and we connected right away. Their love and deep connection shows in every single image. They are truly amazing humans and we are so glad we had the chance to meet their path and document this amazing day.

        Their story began on January 31st, 2014. Ellie and Alex met at a special religious Jewish dinner called Shabbat. She sat next to Alex at the table, introduced herself, and they began talking immediately.  They spoke about everything that night; their values, hobbies, goals, careers and realized how much they had in common.  Their families are both from the same city in Ukraine, and they grew up 15 minutes away from one another in the suburbs of Illinois.  They lived very close by for many years, however never crossed paths until that night.  They began dating instantly and started traveling together right away.   ” Alex Proposed on November 27th, 2015 on the beach at Now Larimar, Punta Cana.  He asked me to take a walk on the beach with him after dinner.  As we began walking, he put a Go-Pro video camera on his head, and told me he wants to see if it works for when we go snorkeling the next day.  Little did I know he had much bigger plans.  As we were walking he began to take out a coconut shaped jewelry box out of his backpack.  He got down on one knee and while his video camera was recording asked me to marry him.  I will never forget the pure love I felt when he asked me that one small question.    Alex and I chose Now Larimar to be the resort we got married at because of all the memories of us getting engaged there, talking about how much our family and friends would love it there, and it just seemed like the perfect location.  Now Larimar already had no many wonderful memories there… Why not add more! “
        “As for my photos, I couldn’t have asked more for amazing wedding photos.. or photographers! Alex and I are just so lucky we found Severine and Renaud to capture our day.  The TTD photoshoot was an AMAZING decision.  It gave us so many more photos to enjoy and choose from.  All the different scenery and colors… They turned out absolutely perfect.  The forecast up until the day of the wedding stated rain and lightening bolts from 1-10 pm on our wedding day.  We are so lucky the weather looked nothing at all like that!!! It was perfect.  All the planning, and decision making paid off.  We had the wedding of our dreams.  We are so thankful.  “
        After all this time I still really suck at making the blog posts short and this one was a nightmare. How to choose only a handful of photographs among 1200 of perfect, timeless and gorgeous images? well I did what I could. Below is kind of a resume of the day.

        Now Larimar wedding      Now Larimar wedding Now Larimar wedding Punta cana wedding photographer punta cana photographer   Now Larimar wedding                 ng photogr

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